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Do it Right, Do it Once

Margia Floors, Inc. and Ruys Vloeren BV
Leads the Way in installing "Quality" Food Processing Floors, World-Wide.

Margia Floors, Inc. is the North American sales, marketing, and installation firm for parent company, Ruys Vloeren BV, who is a unique flooring company specializing in the custom design and installation services of quality "Granite" floor systems for large volume industrial food processing plants for over 35 years. Our service includes consulting, design, layout and installation of specifically designed floor systems for the food processing industry. We cooperatively design and install various types of floors built to the owners specifications and wishes for many industries throughout the United States, Europe, Middle East, Central and South America, including:

Beef Processors
Pork Processors
Poultry Processors
Seafood Processors
Vegetable Processors
Distribution Centers
Further Processors
Industrial Plants

Our professional sales and technical staff will help you design and specify products to meet your operational needs and long term goals. We have a solid reputation for helping owners and contractors to maximize both construction schedules and eliminating expensive floor maintenance cost. With considerations for increased worker safety and high sanitation standards, we work hard to find the right solution for the owner.

If you "Do It Right, you only have to Do It Once" !!

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