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The Margia "Granite" Brochure

The MARGIA floor is a unique and exclusive flooring system developed and installed by Ruys Vloeren BV . The MARGIA floor is unique in that it is non-slip, resistant to blood and fatty acids, and will not crack or break even after extensive use. Due to these characteristics, the MARGIA floor enjoys a tremendous advantage in the food processing industry where various forms of acidity harmful to most concrete floors are found. This includes the meat and poultry industry, as well as the dairy, soft drink and fruit processing industry. With more than 50 craftsmen, whom together represent more than 700 years of experience in the field of problem free floors, the MARGIA floor can be the solution.Product floor drains in food processing, meat packing, poultry processing, seamless floor coatings, anti-slip flooring
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The floor, which is made of a mixture of cement and granite, has a thickness of approximately 2.0" (5 cm) and is applied directly on top of a roughened reinforced base concrete. MARGIA floors consist of two layers. The bottom layer is a special composition of concrete, it is here that any form of drainage will be created. The minimum thickness of the bottom layer is 1.3" (3.25 cm). While this surface is still fresh, at top coat with a universal thickness of .7" (1.75 cm) is applied. The granite in this layer, which must pass numerous quality tests, accounts for the non-slip nature of the MARGIA floor. The granite is of such a quality that it will not wear down to a smooth surface even after extensive use. The floors are then compressed with rollers and dehydrated to create a non-absorbing form of concrete. This impervious nature explains why neither blood nor fatty acids affect it. The greatly compressed surface eliminates any cracking after normal use.

The MARGIA floor can be layered seamless with base-board, stairs, platforms and gutters made out of the same quality MARGIA.

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