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To Protect your greatest asset, the Employee's.

The Working Floor is the connecting link of the entire plant, from raw materials arrival to finished goods delivery. All task performed are initiated from the floor. Every employee of the plant is constantly testing the safety factor of the floor with every step taken. The Floor is one area of the plant that can not be changed after it has been placed in service, without down time and/or great expense.

The life of each building element is subjected to different stresses. However, it is the floor which is undoubtedly exposed to the most severe stress.

The hardest and most resistant industrial floor that provides a longer lasting, non-slip surface is the best solution, which is ECONOMIC and COST EFFECTIVE.
The "Margia Floor" delivers Customer satisfaction!
  • Remains anti-slip, even after extensive use.
  • 2" (5cm) Granite based system.
  • Can be layered seamless, with baseboards and gutters.
  • Will not tear, crack or break under normal use.
  • Satisfy all USDA and EC requirements.
  • Has an estimated life of 30 years.

Do it Right, Do it Once