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Preconditions at the Site:
The concrete base floor has to conform to static and structural requirements, and must be free from cracks, plane, free from loose or broken down materials and suspended finest particles. It must not be contaminated by oil, paint, mortar residues, cement grout or similar and other substances injuring the hardening process and bonding capacity

Construction floor is to be laid under a slope of minimally 1/8 inch per linear food, measured from the longest diagonal, in an envelop form towards the drain or gutter. When the diagonal lengths is between 20 and 30 feet this slope is to be increased to 1/7 inch per foot and for lengths above 30 feet the slope should be 1/6 inch per foot.

The base concrete should be finished with an exposed (rock) aggregate on the same day that it is poured in order to remove cement slick and thus insure a good bond with this granite top layer. This can best be accomplished with: Shotblasting, Retarder (water based only) or a flat steel broom to remove the cement slick and obtain a consistently exposed aggregate (rock) finish.

Under the complete concrete slab there is to be a PVC foil. The thickness of the foil shall be a minimum of .06 mm or similar that functions as a moisture barrier.

NOTE: In cases where the concrete slab is to be laid level, the base slab is still to be roughened with the above described technique. The contractor that supplies the top floor is then to provide a layer of concrete that which produces the necessary slope. In addition, the contractor supplying the top floor is to reinforce this sloped concrete with a 1/4 inch x 6 inch square mesh. The minimum thickness of the floor at the drain should in this case be 2 inches.

Finished Top-Coat Granite Floor:
Deliver and applying an approximate 2 inch thick MARGIA granite finished floor, in the color red/brown, like supplied by Margia Floors, Inc., New Orleans. The floor is to consist of a .7 inch natural granite top layer and an approximate 1.3 inch concrete transition layer with a minimum strength of 3500 psi. The granite in the top layer is to be natural, non-polishing, non-water absorbing type of granite with an even dispersion of granite between 2-8 mm.

Above described floor is to be laid seamless with hollow coves according to USA standards. The granite floor is to be placed neatly against and slightly over the placed drains and gutters. The floor is to have the necessary armored expansion joints in the sub floor and in doorways between cooled and non-cooled rooms. Polypropylene divisional strips, in the matching color, are to be placed by the flooring company directly above any construction joint and/or at places determined by the flooring company in order to prevent cracking in too large an area. Divisional strips are to be grooved on both sides in order to prevent vertical movement of the strips in the floor.

The specialized top floor contractor is to provide the sub floor contractor with timely instructions in regards to the sub floor. Before the granite top floor is applied the top floor contractor is to inspect the sub floor for slope, cracks, and roughness. Possible defects are to be notified in writing to the owner.

The contractor supplying the granite top floor is to provide a guarantee, such as described below:

"The granite floor is guaranteed against workmanship, defects and other shortcomings and is to guarantee USDA passage for period of Five (5) years after installation. Any defects will be repaired within 30 days of written notification by the owner and free of any charges to the owner. Cracks caused by the sub floor cracking, and/or due to building settlement do not fall under this guarantee. Defects due to abuse; such as continuous hot water, hot fat or strong acids are not part of this guarantee. Abuse from fork lifts and/or pallet jacks are not part of this guarantee.

For extra protection and for easier cleaning, the Margia Floor is sometimes impregnated with an epoxy coating to further protect the cement from the harsh cleaning compounds. When impregnation is chosen, the flooring company is to apply the impregnation evenly on all surfaces, including hollow coves, gutters, stairs, and platforms formed out of the Margia type granite.

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